Atyniadau Gogledd Cymru

Breath Taking Gold Statue To Be Won

Breath Taking Gold Statue To Be Won

The solid gold Welsh Dragon competition prize being offered by King Arthur's Labyrinth is soaring in value as gold prices continue to increase. The competition prize was originally valued at £1,000 but it is now thought that its final value will be far higher.

Analysts predict a further rise in the value of gold by the end of the year, which is when the winner of the Golden Dragon competition will be drawn.

Phil Bryce-Grainger is resident Goldsmith at the Corris Craft Centre, from where the Labyrinth adventure also begins, and will be handcrafting the Golden Dragon in a style to suit the winner; either a pendant, brooch or a small statuette. The finished design will feature a sparkling diamond eye.

A free competition entry will be given to all adults visiting the King Arthur's Labyrinth underground adventure this year.

For more information please visit King Arthur's Labyrinth here