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Rare Seahorse Breeding at ANGLESEY SEA ZOO

Rare Seahorse Breeding at ANGLESEY SEA ZOO

Anglesey Sea Zoo set to rear a further 6 British short-snouted Seahorses.

As part of their breeding and conservation programme, Anglesey Sea Zoo are helping to reduce the decline of Short-nosed seahorses.

In spring 2007 they were asked to house a pair which had been accidentally caught in fishing gear. The short-snouted Seahorses, also known as Hippocampus Hippocampus are found in shallow in shore waters and thus it is likely that the species is particularly susceptible to decline through human impacts.

The aquarium has once again been contacted to take on a further 6 of the elusive species. One pair has already become established, with the first batch of approximately 350 fry produced on 26th June 2008.

Anglesey Sea Zoo are working with the school of Ocean Sciences at the University of Wales, Bangor to establish the best diet for the tiny seahorses.

"We hope that the project will lead to a greater understanding of the needs of the fry in captivity and eventually will allow us to repopulate the coastal seas around the UK".

The seahorse fry and their parents are all currently on display at the Anglesey Sea Zoo.


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This news story was published on: 30/06/2008

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